Brian Skoyles at the Lakewood Charity Social

I’m a member of a carp syndicate based at a North Lincolnshire water called Lakewood. It’s a lovely water, full of character, containing a good head of commons and mirrors to mid-twenties. It is brilliantly run by Dave Butt and his team of helpers, so you are guaranteed immaculate pegs, no litter and a pleasant membership that respects each other’s space and experience. Every year the syndicate organises a charity social, a combination of talks, socializing and money raising. This year I was invited to be one of the guest speakers writes Daiwa Consultant Brian Skoyles.

We were lucky with the weather, and as I turned into the track leading down to the lake the sun was breaking through the light cloud cover. At the lake all was organised with two large gazebos set up for the talks. Julian Cundiff was on first and gave a great talk on fishing in weed, then it was my turn. The Lakewood membership is an experienced one so I had opted to talk about advanced floater fishing tweaks, so I covered, bait attachment, rig variations, flavouring floaters and bait sizes. It seemed to go down well and for once I kept to time!

We were then treated to a hot buffet and barbeque; it was worth going just for the chilli, thank you Tara Smith!

The afternoon was a mix of catching up and chatting with other members, playing a daft fishing game, which was taken extremely seriously and taking part in a mega raffle, the really important part of the day. Dave wanted to raise money for Cancer Research and with the generosity of the tackle trade and the membership he certainly did that, as by the time the last prize had been won, the grand total was £505. A great effort by all concerned.

With the event over. It was time to help pack everything away. I had travelled through to the event with Graham Drewery and we both helped to pack away because we had a plan … a couple of hours of evening floater fishing, after all I had to practice what I preached earlier in the day.

The fish were obviously ready for a bit of food because we soon got the fish feeding and managed three, all lovely scale perfect commons … the perfect end to a lovely day, well done Dave and the team!